Co-Opinion has held the first of its newly launched Co-Sessions series in Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, in collaboration with Al Sharq Youth. On April 25th, 2019, forty participants from distinct nationalities and universities have come together in the South Campus and they have joined the three complementary and insightful sessions about the 4th Industrial Revolution, namely session on Big Data, session on Smart Cities and session on Internet of Things (IoT), respectively. In the first session, the topic was Big Data, and Mustafa Acungil and Zekeriya Beşiroğlu have provided a very fruitful and interactive environment for the participants in the morning slot. In the afternoon, Co-Sessions has proceeded with Professor Fatih Terzi and Ahmet Duran on the concept of Smart Cities, and they enriched the session with their academic and professional experiences. We have ended the Co-Sessions with another substantial topic, namely IoT, under the informative guidance of Ensari Koçak who has brought the different concepts of the new industrial era in a coherent manner. With all these sessions, Co-Opinion has aimed at delivering a productive ground for debating with regards to democratization of the novelties of Industry 4.0 with the participation and deliberation of all shareholders; and in the future Co-Sessions, we will keep acting with the same mindset.



The fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0 has been made possible through a combination of cyber-physical systems, Internet of Things and Internet of Systems. Industry 4.0 takes the achievements of the third revolution like computers and automation, and it improves them with autonomous and smart mechanisms fed by data and machine learning. The fourth revolution also generates new technologies that bring biological, physical and digital dimensions together and are likely to affect all disciplines, industries and economies. The novelties of Industry 4.0 can have a great impact on our lives by enhancing the productivity of businesses, getting more people closer to the web and reorganizing our relationship with the nature by which we may reverse all the harms done to our world by the previous industrial revolutions. 



10.00 – Registration 

10.30 – Session I: Big Data: The World in Your Pocket 

12.00 – Lunch 

13.00 – Session II: A Connected Future: Internet of Things 

14.30 – Coffee Break 

15.00 – Session III: Smart Cities: By Humans, For Humans